It’s a Community Thing

It is hard to explain just how nice it is to call Alburnett home. Yes, I have been a part of other great school districts in my career, and each one is special to me in a different way. But Alburnett has quickly carved out a spot in my heart. There is a contagious atmosphere here at Alburnett that is best explained through examples.

As I write this, I have just left a 7-12 assembly. It actually ran longer than was planned, but not a sole was fidgeting – not staff, not students. What was so riveting, you might ask? We were there to celebrate giving to others and recognizing the accomplishments of our own. We celebrated the success of Tymbrie Snobl as she continues to win awards in archery, and we listened to her express her gratitude to the support system Alburnett provides. We watched with pride as 2012 graduate, Alex Stepanek accepted the March of Dimes 2012 Outstanding Chapter Youth Volunteer Award. And then our pride grew as we watched him turn the thanks back to Alburnett. He challenged the student body to turn their dreams into actual goals and reminded us all to “do good” – good things for others. But that wasn’t the end. Next on the program we listened as students explained the state of homelessness right here in eastern Iowa. They handed out bags to fill with much needed supplies and explained the upcoming Sleep Out for the Homeless that will take place in Cedar Rapids on November 10-11. And yes, they aren’t just talking about it – they’ll be there, doing their part. I thought at this point surely things were winding down, but no, it goes deeper here at Alburnett. You see it’s not just about the students. It’s a community thing at Alburnett. No, it wasn’t enough to see our students “doing good.” The challenge came from another adult – if our students were going to do this, she would go to…and how about me, would I go?

So I marked my calendar. Will you?


About Dani Trimble

Superintendent of Schools Alburnett School District
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