Facilities Improvements

As someone looking at the Alburnett District with new eyes, such as myself, it might be easy to overlook the hard work and commitment that our school board, community, and staff have invested in the school facilities. Where I see a modern, inviting learning environment when I walk the Alburnett halls, you might see remodeling and repurposing of an older building. Where I see ample classroom space in the elementary and secondary school, you might see a long series of much needed additions. And where I see a brand new Safe Room that serves as five beautiful classrooms, you might see the removal of portable classrooms that perhaps had stayed a bit too long.

My general observation, without the benefit of the history each of you understands far better than I, is this – there is no question when you walk through the front entrances of the Alburnett school that this is an inviting place to be. I applaud the commitment that has been made to providing a facility of which we can all be proud. Keeping a modern and well-maintained schoolhouse is no easy task, not to mention a never-ending job. And there are areas yet to be addressed. You may recall hearing these plans referred to as Phase 2 and Phase 3.

So as we begin to start addressing these next phases, I want to encourage you all to give yourselves a collective pat on the back for all you have accomplished in recent years. If you have not yet had the pleasure of enjoying the renovations and new spaces, please do not hesitate to stop by. We would be glad to show you around and celebrate this progress with you. There is no questioning the commitment that it takes to delve into the high costs of facility updates, and we are very appreciative of the one-cent sales tax that we can access to continue to move forward. Thank you for your continuing support of these efforts.




About Dani Trimble

Superintendent of Schools Alburnett School District
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