Your input at work

This morning marked the first day of our revised parking and drop-off / pick-up zone on the west side of the building. Thank you to the parents that brought their concerns forward regarding this safety issue.

We always hope that any change we introduce is done for the right reasons. The new parking area on Roosevelt Street is entirely done with safety in mind. We will be asking Alburnett Elementary staff to park further from the building in a new parking lot so that we can create a safer student pick-up area on the west side of the school building.

Beginning on Monday, November 5, the only traffic allowed on the west side of the building will be for picking up and dropping off students. There will be no parking or unattended vehicles allowed in this area. We understand that many of our families have worked together to make the current arrangements work, and while it will take a little adjustment, we hope that our new design will make this area even more convenient and safer for students.

Families picking up or dropping off students will travel north along the building so that students can always be out of any traffic lanes. An area for a circle turnaround has been designated further north, near the playground. With safety being the top priority, no students should be picked up once vehicles are turned around and traveling back to the south as this would result in them crossing traffic.

We will be present for several days to assist with this new system, and we appreciate your patience as we establish this new routine.


About Dani Trimble

Superintendent of Schools Alburnett School District
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One Response to Your input at work

  1. Dennis Holland says:

    Thank-you for getting this done. It makes a lot of sense!

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