Excitement is in the air!

If you’re not careful, you might catch the excitement fever here at Alburnett. You can certainly feel it in the air! I’ve known since the day I arrived here that Alburnett was a special place. Our students are talented and amazing to be around, our staff is knowledgeable and compassionate, and our families are beyond supportive.

The pilot phase of a one-to-one technology initiative is set to launch next week. Parents of students in 9th grade will be attending parent information meetings next week to gather information and ask questions before their students are issued a Chromebook for the remainder of the school year. While this is a pilot program, we are excited about the potential for all secondary students next year.

And speaking of next year, our school board will be addressing the question of a 6th-8th grade Middle School environment at the February meeting. While there are certainly questions looming about the details of this plan, such as teaching assignments and room arrangements, the overwhelming response as we have gathered input is that this is a positive direction for our students.

We are also excited about a first phase of providing elementary students more access to technology in their classrooms through the recent purchase of a cart of iPads. Again, we expect that this is only the beginning as we continuously challenge ourselves in our instruction around the Iowa Core Curriculum.

Most exciting here at Alburnett is that there is always something around the corner. We’ll soon be discussing graduation requirements, more detailed plans on building updates, possibly refinancing our general obligation bond, summer projects, and on and on. Things never stand still at Alburnett.

Important Dates to Remember

March 1 – deadline to submit Open Enrollment paperwork for 2013-14

February 18 – Regular School Board Meeting

February 26 – Board Work Session to discuss bond refinancing

1st Monday of every month – School & Community Forum



About Dani Trimble

Superintendent of Schools Alburnett School District
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