Renewal of PPEL

On September 10, 2013 the Alburnett Community School District will be asking voters to extend the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). It is important that patrons of the district understand what the levy does for our district and its importance to the students of Alburnett.

The PPEL levy is a levy that can be used for a number of expenditures including construction of buildings, purchasing property, buses and technology equipment, and energy conservation expenditures.  The levy cannot be used for staff salaries or supplies – those expenditures must come from a school district’s General Fund.

The PPEL levy is brought forward to the public to consider every ten years. To some, it may seem like only yesterday that Alburnett was renewing the PPEL, but already 10 years has passed. Our district has had the voter approved PPEL for many years and a yes vote would simply continue the amount of funds that the district is currently receiving. It would not increase the tax rate our patrons are paying.

We have established a long-range plan that uses PPEL funds to update support vehicles and buses on a systematic rotation, update technology on a rotation, and complete general building maintenance. We also plan to ask the school board to support a full one-to-one technology initiative for grades 6-12. We believe this instant and continuous access to technology is a critical reflection of the connection students and adults have through technology when they are outside the school building, and we want to mirror this connection while students are engaged in learning activities during the school day. The pilot of this program with 9th graders during the 2012-13 school year verified the power of this connectivity and offered us a small glimpse into the potential for the future.

Our district does not take lightly asking voters for continuation of the PPEL levy, however we feel as a district that our ability to update vehicles, maintain our facilities, and invest in technology are in the best interests of our students and strike the best balance between the needs of our students and taxpayers.

Our district is committed to providing the highest quality education to the students of our district and we encourage you to contact Superintendent Dani Trimble if you have any questions at all about the use of these funds. Additional information regarding the September 10 school elections will be available in the coming weeks.


About Dani Trimble

Superintendent of Schools Alburnett School District
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