How often do we stop to contemplate all that is well and good in the world? We sometimes get caught up in the things we think need to be fixed. Things that we call ‘bad news’ travel much faster than ‘good news’. And like the timeless game of ‘telephone’, often the story we get is not the story as it happened.

So, I invite you today to start a positive game of ‘telephone’. There are so many positive things happening in our school building and communities each and every day. Ask your children and grandchildren to share with you…and then spread the news! Here are a few conversation starters that have recently been shared with me…

  • The two days before Thanksgiving the 8th graders had a “campfire” in the classroom where they practiced their Iowa Core speaking and listening skills by performing campfire tales of suspense.
  • Mr. Hinrichsen and Mrs. Kibbie collaborated on a writing assignment about Mars for the 8th grade. The essays will be entered in a contest. The prize is a chance to win a book signed by Buzz Aldrin.
  • 6th graders were observed laughing out loud during a recent read aloud and enjoying literature.
  • Each and every day Alburnett offers a colorful array of fresh fruits and vegetables on their salad bar as another healthy lunch option. Lots of time and effort go into planning, cleaning, cutting and preparing these choices for the students and staff to enjoy.
  • Fourteen seniors and two juniors are enrolled in college classes at the Kirkwood Regional Center in Hiawatha to get a jumpstart on their futures. Out of the fifteen academies offered, Alburnett students are enrolled in nine of them.
  • Our elementary music students are very musical!
  • The book fair was a great success – $656 worth of books were added to the library collections with a $596 cash profit. It is great to have students excited about new books.
  • This fall the P.T. O. received $1,120 from Box Tops for Education! Keep sending Box Tops to the elementary library.
  • The class of 2019 has raised $200 with Stars for Heroes to kick off the Martin Complex Memorial.
  • AP Lit students collaborated on a Skype discussion over the novel Frankenstein with students from North Carolina, and they will take part in a Twitter #Frankenchat with students from across the US on November 19th.
  • First graders came up with some awesome reasons to thank veterans. They put all those reasons into cards that will be handed out around the VA hospital!
  • From attending the Iowa Library Conference, Ms. Fear won $2,000 worth of new books for the elementary library.
  • Did you hear about the awesome fall seasons our student-athletes had?
  • The student planned pep assemblies have been very entertaining.
  • We moved into the new weight room in November! It’s an awesome facility.
  • Pirate Time has started in the elementary – a great way for us to provide individual student attention.
  • What an amazing outpouring of support for the Lions Club’s completion of the trail to the Complex!
  • To date we are in first place in the School Cents program.
  • Students in grades 6-12 are participating in Honor Bands.
  • There has been great turn out for Math Counts for 6th-8th graders!!
  • Fifth graders look forward to working with their kindergarten buddies every week. Buddies enjoy reading, playing, creating, and learning together. Buddy time each week is a positive learning and growing experience for both kindergartners and fifth graders!
  • The elementary students are working hard to collect canned foods for a food drive!
  • The day before Thanksgiving Break we had a November Feast for each class, thanks to the work of the preschoolers and the help of some dedicated parents.
  • Mrs. Prihoda’s afternoon preschool class gets to have Mrs. Arment’s Child Development Class help preschoolers meet their goals through small group activities every Thursday afternoon.
  • Preschool is preparing for the State Verification Visit in December.
  • Preschoolers have their own “Pirate Time” through literacy stations every morning.
  • Ask a fourth grader in Mrs. Kaestner’s class to rap the rounding rap for you.
  • Did you know that multiplying with zeros in large numbers is soooo easy for the fourth grade? That magic zero is amazing!
  • 22 students did a wonderful job during their mock interviews on November 12. A special thanks to the community members that volunteered their time for this.
  • FBLA is off to a great start this year. The Veteran’s Day assembly went off without a hitch!
  • Kindergarten students have worked hard to learn all their letter sounds and are excited to be using these sounds to read words now!

About Dani Trimble

Superintendent of Schools Alburnett School District
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3 Responses to Celebrations!

  1. Lois Irwin says:

    Perfect! Thank you for modeling this for us. I’m going to do this. Lois

  2. Heather Hospodarsky says:

    Reading that made my day! We love our Pirate family!

  3. Amy Caves says:

    Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us on All the positive things happening in Pirate Country!

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